Kickoff is August 15th: Battling the Pressure to be Perfect

We want to extend a very warm welcome back to Dana James!  This will be her 3rd time speaking to our group here in Batesville.


Dana’s heart is to connect women with God’s heart through the teaching of His Word. Her passion is to see women know God and glorify Him through their lives. She has spoken at conferences, retreats and events as far away as Africa and as close as her own home town.

Dana gets excited about meaningful, honest conversation, Dr. Pepper, and spending time with her incredible family. She recently learned to drink coffee and loves a cup with peppermint mocha creamer in the morning while sitting at her Lord’s feet.

After being a stay-at-home mom, she taught at colleges in Texas and Tennessee. Currently she works at Pier 1 Imports where she loves to connect with women from all over the world!

She was not raised in a Christian home yet is a pastor’s wife, a pastor’s mother, and a pastor’s mother-in-law…a testament to the grace and mercy of God!  Dana and her husband, Ernie, live in Greenwood, IN where they serve Calvary Baptist Church.

Dana will be speaking to us about battling the pressure to be perfect.  I think we all as women/moms struggle with this very unnecessary pressure in the world today.  I hope that you’ll make time in your schedule to come sip on a cup of coffee while you listen to what Dana has to say.  You won’t leave the same girl!


May 2nd: Meal planning for busy families with Tricia Jennewein


It doesn’t matter if you make up half of a dual-income family, are a single mom, stay at home mom tripping over the little ones at your feet, soccer mom juggling schedules for multiple afterschool activities, or feeding teenage boys…it’s ALWAYS a challenge to get dinner on the table and share a meal together.

After 20 years of marriage, from professional career to SAHM, 4 kids, 5 transcontinental moves and living overseas, Tricia has endured all these stages and changes in her role as wife and mom. She will show you the tips and tools she has learned and use for making that hectic time of day a little easier and squeeze in some quality family time to boot.

Tricia will start by demonstrating freezer meal how-to’s, menu planning and grocery lists by department.   She will also tell you about a couple of websites that she personally uses to make all of this even easier. If that’s not enticing enough…she’s arranged for several amazing give-aways of her favorite things!

ANYONE can do this in their own kitchen regardless of family size, where you shop, what food rules you follow and how you choose to feed your family.

Make sure you don’t miss this very practical and helpful talk!


April 4th: Cyber Safety with Kevin McGuire


Kevin McGuire is the chief operating officer for Enhanced Telecommunications Corp, a diverse telecommunications provider headquartered in Sunman, Indiana. In his role, Kevin is charged with planning and coordinating ETC’s day-to-day operations, including organizational development, technological direction, and strategic planning.

Prior to joining ETC, Kevin was the vice president of business and technology for the National Telecommunications Cooperative Association (NTCA) in Arlington, VA. There he was responsible for keeping its 600 telephone company members updated on technological trends, as well as seeking out new revenue generating products and services for the association.

Kevin holds a BA in Electronic Media from Xavier University in Ohio, and an MBA from Indiana University. He and his wife Amber have 2 children- Addison and Ryan, and have lived in Batesville for the past 3 1/2 years.

He will be speaking to our group this Friday about how we can better arm our families and our homes with safe internet practices with our kids.

Spa Day: April 12th


This will be our 2nd Mom2Mom Spa Day!  This event is intended for “daughters” of all ages:)  The morning will consist of delicious refreshments, live music, a fantastic story with a very important message, mani’s, pedi’s, hair and make-up stations and of course a photo booth to make the memories last longer!!  Please RSVP so we have enough refreshments and bring your own hair products for sanitary reasons!

This Friday, March 14th: “Anxiety” with Becky Rak


Becky recently moved in to our community and has jumped in whole heartedly to get involved with our Mom2Mom group!  I am so excited that she is willing to share with us about her personal journey with anxiety, a very hard issue to discuss.  Here is a little bit more about Becky:

She was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, IL. She studied at Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisconsin and graduated in 2003 with degrees in Elementary Education and Special Education. She is now certified to teach in three states!

Becky married the man of her dreams (John Paul Rak) in 2004.  They have lived in Illinois, Wisconsin and currently call Batesville home (now for 14 months)  Becky says “God gave me the greatest blessing by making me a mother in March 2009, to my now 5 year old daughter Lilliana and then blessed us a second time with the arrival of Lincoln John in May 2012″.

Currently Becky is a stay at home mom.  She cherishes this time she has been given to spend with her babies, but looks forward to returning to the classroom someday.  Her personal background in dealing with anxiety began my at the age of 15.  Official diagnoses came at the age of 21, with an additional diagnosis of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).  “In working with special education students, I have encountered many students who share my diagnoses. I have also had the often occasion in working with parents (of my students) who struggle with anxiety as well.  I have worked with school social workers and co-lead many “family meetings” to help my students families that struggle with anxiety.”

We hope that you’ll join us this week as we dig into this issue of anxiety, something I believe that every Mom struggles with in some form or fashion.

Get to know your Leadership Team!

Mom2Mom started back in October of 2011 and it has grown so much since our first gathering.  I’ve met so many Moms from the community and learned so much from each of you.  I’ve been encouraged, challenged, given advice, laughed, cried and been so grateful for these wonderful new friendships in my life.  I couldn’t pull off this ministry without the awesome team that I work with to make Mom2Mom what it is today.  I wanted to take this opportunity for you to get to know who your M2M leadership team is!


I, Melissa Hanley, am the Director of Mom2Mom.  I am responsible for vision casting, building our leadership team, coordinating and hosting all speakers, publicizing the group and writing this M2M blog.  When I moved to Batesville in January of 2011, it was a difficult move.  Coming to a new community is always nerve-wracking to say the least and I was desperate to connect with other women and moms in Batesville to make this new chapter of our life worth all that it could be.  I confess that I’m not a perfect Mom.  I, like most of you reading this, am always learning and wanted to connect through friendships.  I truly believe that’s why God gave us friendships!  We have each other to do this life with!

What excites me most about Mom2Mom is the diverse group of women that comes together and leans on each other, serves each other, encourages and inspires each other to be the best Mom that we can be while giving God all the credit.  It’s been so fun to watch women now connect on their own outside of M2M through various other activities in our community.  It is my passion that Moms know who they are, who God created them to be and to find rest in that truth.  Being a Mom is the hardest yet most rewarding job I’ve ever had and it is encouraging to walk alongside so many other Moms who feel that same way.

I am married to Patrick and am Mom to 3 amazing kids:  Maddie, Jackson and Mason.  In addition to my role with M2M, I am also a full time professional photographer.

Uden060-001Emili Uden is our childcare coordinator.  She is responsible for coordinating all childcare workers and activities for our kids during our M2M gatherings.  She is the wife of Mark and Mom to Benjamin and Leah!  Here’s what Emili has to say about M2M:

” I first heard about Mom2Mom in the produce aisle of Kroger when Melissa introduced herself to me and invited me to a meeting. I’ve been attending regularly since then!  I just started my position on the Leadership Team in January and I am very excited to be apart of such an awesome team of women!  I absolutely love that Mom2Mom is more than just “club” for moms- its a ministry for moms and it is really exciting to be apart of a community of women who value God and have similar moral values.  Mom2Mom has encouraged me to venture out of my comfort zone. Before living here in Batesville, I didn’t have any other Mom friends and now I have a great group of friends who encourage me to come to playgroups and invite me out to fun events. This has lead to a lot of socialization for my toddler and he has really bloomed and benefited from meeting and playing with other kids his age.”

IMG_8444Abby Coffey is our Care Coordinator.  She is responsible for making us aware of the physical needs of the Moms in our group.  She coordinates meals for Moms who have recently had babies or surgeries and brings support to arising issues or needs of Moms/families in our Batesville community.  She also sends out our Birthday cards!  She is the wife of Nate and Mom to Grace, Zoey, Maggie and Andrew, whom she home schools.  Here’s what she has to say about M2M:

” I had heard about Mom2Mom from some ladies around town when we first moved to Batesville two years ago. I started coming after meeting Melissa when our kids started pre-school together.  I have been on the leadership team for about a year now.  I think the community that Mom2Mom creates is awesome! It is such a great way for moms to connect with each other, build friendships and help each other out.  Mom2Mom has blessed and encouraged me immensely! I moved here not knowing many people other then my family. My husband was working overseas  and gone a lot of the time. I really needed some good girlfriend/mom support. Within weeks of getting involved in Mom2Mom I felt that I had made some lasting friendships and my kids had as well. I love seeing everyone at the Friday meetings but I also love that there are so many moms in this group who love to get together throughout the week. I have made some great friends who I just love to talk to and spend time with. I also love that we can help each other out whenever one of us has a a need!”


Summer Ayres is our Hospitality Coordinator.  She is responsible for helping set up and tear down our registration and coffee bar at our Friday gatherings.  She collects gifts for our “on time” gift each week and provides a warm welcome to each Mom as they enter the door on Friday mornings!  She is the wife of Chad and Mom to Abby and Cassidy.  Here’s what she has to say about M2M:

“I first heard about mom2mom when Melissa told me about it and invited me to attend the first year she started the group.  I was eager to have a social outlet with other moms.  I enjoy learning about other people and hearing “your story” so this is the perfect group for me.  An added bonus has been listening to the amazing speakers and getting motivated to make some positive changes in my life.  The first year of mom2mom I was so eager for each and every meeting and always felt “recharged” afterward.  I started recruiting all of my friends to join and they were all excited about the group as well.  It is a place you can feel safe to ask for advice or share things that are weighing on your heart.  If you are shy or do not feel comfortable speaking in front of people that is okay too!  New friendships are formed as a result of this group and I know as a stay at home mom sometimes you just need some adult friendships.  You can only talk to yourself for so long before you start to feel like you may be going crazy.  I love the variety of topics that are given at each meeting.  There is more to life than cooking, cleaning, and taking care of your children!  I started with the leadership team last year as the hospitality coordinator.  I enjoy greeting everyone as they enter the meetings.  I really wish I could have a one on one meeting with every person in the group to get to know everyone better.  I have been a “professional traveler” this year and have missed too many meetings.  I look forward to getting to know the newcomers.  Mom2mom has encouraged me to be a better mom, wife, friend, daughter and most of all a better “me”.  I love how each mom2mom event energizes me when I start to feel unmotivated.  I have been inspired to make many changes after hearing the speakers.  Sometimes my family did not always like the changes: i.e. family rules, the need to add color to my home, healthier eating, but it was fun to try.  The organizational binder has been a lifesaver for me because I am not a natural good organizer.  The two things I like most about mom2mom is getting inspired and having support.”


Jami Powell is our Social Coordinator.    She is responsible for planning and coordinating our Mom’s Night Out’s, couples parties and other events outside of our normal Friday gatherings.  She is the wife of Chris and Mom to Ethan, Andrew, Conor and Jackson.  She also works full time at Margaret Mary Health as an RN in the same day surgery department.  Here’s what Jami has to say about M2M:

“I first heard about M2M from Melissa when she was working to start up Mom2Mom.  I have been a part of the Leadership team since the very beginning.  What excites me most about the mission of Mom2Mom in our Batesville community is getting to meet other moms in the community and being there for them and encouraging them.  Mom2Mom has encouraged me in my role as “mom” as i have learned so much from other Moms as well as the speakers to put in place in my own life.”

IMG_8447Shannon McBeath is our Special Events and Facilities Coordinator.  Shannon was the one responsible for creating our childcare program from the beginning of Mom2Mom.  She recently took a full time position at the Batesville Intermediate School which does not allow her to be with us at the Friday gatherings.  Therefore, we have moved her into this new position of Special Events Coordinator.  She is working with our leadership team to plan our Spa Day mother/daughter event for this spring semester (April 12th).  She is also on staff as the Children’s Director for the Community Church of Batesville where M2M meets. She also helps us with set up and scheduling the facility usage.  She is the wife of Shawn and Mom to Caleb, Brianna, Isabella, Gabe and Roxie.  She also has a photography business as well.  Here’s what Shannon has to say about M2M:

“I have been with the group in leadership capacity from the beginning.   What I find most exciting and encouraging about the group is seeing all of the moms who stay at home, getting together for playdates and such on their own …many who would be sitting at home alone had it not been for the group. Such a huge percentage of the group is made up of people who are not originally from the area, but the ladies in the area who are from here…be it all their lives or recently, invite them in to be as much of the Batesville family as possible.  You don’t find that in all small towns.”


Becky Ransome is our Mentor Mom!  She helps with Discussion groups at our Friday gatherings and makes herself available as a friend, confidante and encourager as she share a lot of wisdom from her own life experience as a mature Mom:)  She is the wife of Chris and Mom to Crista and Evan (grown) and Grandmother to Mazen.  She is a Certified Massage Therapist and IPC with doTerra Essential oils!  Here’s what she has to say about M2M:

“When I moved into the community another mom in the area told me about M2M!  I have only been serving on the Leadership Team for about a month now.  I think that M2M is a GREAT way to encourage each other and get an opportunity to ‘network” with like minded Mom’s.  We each need to be able to ask for help when we’re going through new “seasons” with our children and this group has a wide structure of mom’s with all age children!  I especially enjoy the “modern” ability to incorporate Facebook for questions, and suggestions!  That is one thing that as an “older” mom I really wish I would have had!  It reminds me of where I’ve come from… and helps me understand how much things have changed and yet how in so many ways raising children will always have many similarities, regardless of the current or past situations in life!”