February 5th: M2M Leadership team panel


Come out on Friday morning and get to know your Mom2Mom leadership team better.  You will have the opportunity to ask them questions about themselves, motherhood, marriage, as well as, their heart for Mom2Mom and vision for the future of Mom2Mom.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Melissa Hanley is the founder and director of Mom2Mom.  Melissa graduated college in 2001 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Applied Ministry.  She married her high school sweetheart that same year and had their first child in 2004.  Melissa moved to Batesville in 2011 as her husband began working in the family flooring business.  She began Mom2Mom in the fall of that year.  Melissa established a leadership and has since grown the Mom2Mom organization impacting over 500 women locally and helping establish two additional Mom2Mom chapters in other communities.  In addition to Mom2Mom, Melissa has experienced great success with her photography business.  Aside from her portrait photography, Melissa has traveled to several different states and outside the country to shoot weddings and capture incredible images.  Melissa’s latest achievement is having her artwork purchased by Hobby Lobby and sold in their stores nationwide.  Melissa lives in Batesville with her husband Patrick and their three beautiful children: Maddie, Jackson and Mason.

Tiffany Vanderpool, Care Coordinator, was born and raised in a small village in North Central Ohio. She lived around that area until her and her husband, Eric, moved to Batesville in 2008. She worked in the insurance industry with both individuals and employers for over 10 years. The last 5 years in the insurance industry she specialized in: marketing, home insurance, client reviews and banking. She has always had a passion for helping others. More recently she has been blessed to be able to stay at home with her 4 year old daughter, Presley. She finds this time of life the most challenging, but also the most rewarding! With these new changes in her life she knew she needed to remember to take care of herself too which is what led her to become a lifestyle and fitness coach in March. This has pushed her out of her comfort zone, but has been very rewarding as she helps others take back their lives and find a healthy lifestyle!

Emili Uden, Childcare Coordinator, is a Chicago native with a degree in Early Childhood Education and Special Education. She has been passionate about art since a young age and has taken several art courses including facilitating art experiences for young children. Emili is also on the Board of Directors for Kids Discovery Factory, and the Sunday School Director at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Greensburg, IN. Her most rewarding job, however, is being a mother to two wonderful children (with the third one on the way) and a wife to her high school sweet heart and oldest friend.

Abby Coffey, Hospitality Coordinator, is a mom of four kids: ages two, five, six and eight. She and her husband Nate lived in California and Hawaii when he was serving in the Marine Corps. They have been living in Batesville for four years now.   Abby currently home-schools her girls and also works part time as the Children’s Director at the Community Church of Batesville.

Elizabeth Miller, Publicity Coordinator, was born in Batesville, Indiana, having only left for a short time to live in Charleston, South Carolina. She and her husband, Jeremy, live on their business property (Batesville Monument Company) and enjoy spending as much time together with their family as possible. Elizabeth is the mother of five children, Emma (7), Cora (6), George (4), Duke (2), and Huck (5 months). After Duke was born, she left her job as a second grade teacher at Batesville Primary School to be a full time mother and has never second guessed her decision. She began regularly attending Mom2Mom gatherings as soon as she started staying home to find the support she needed to learn how to succeed at her new and very challenging occupation. She is passionate about helping the M2M group grow and reach as many Batesville mothers as possible.




January 22nd: Teaching your kids financial responsibility with Walt Rosebrough


Walt Rosebrough has been president and chief executive officer of STERIS and a member of its Board of Directors since October 1, 2007. STERIS is a leading provider of infection prevention and procedural products and services, focused primarily on healthcare, pharmaceutical and research and medical device companies.

During the course of his career, he has held leadership positions in most major business functions, including product and business development, manufacturing, finance, and marketing. He has led ventures that have ranged in scale from start-up operations with a few employees to billion dollar multinational businesses with thousands of employees.

Mr. Rosebrough has been an executive in the healthcare industry over 30 years, and CEO for over 25 years. He served as CEO of Support Systems International (SSI), a leading provider of equipment and services to relieve complications of immobility. After the merger of SSI and Hill-Rom, he was named CEO of Hill-Rom, a global leader in patient support systems, therapeutic products, and workflow information technology solutions (now Hill-Rom Holdings, Inc.).

Mr. Rosebrough currently serves on the board of AdvaMed, Health Insights, and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame + Museum, and is nonexecutive chairman of Coastal Hydraulics, Inc. He is a member of the CCI Healthcare Executive Forum, a healthcare roundtable, and Chief Executives Organization. He has served on the boards of Joerns Corporation, The Center for Nursing Leadership, Spalding University and Margaret Mary Hospital.

Mr. Rosebrough holds a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Kettering University and an MBA from Stanford University where he was a GM Fellow and Arjay Miller Scholar.

Most importantly, he is the father of two children, Ben Rosebrough and Elizabeth Miller, a grandfather to 6 (+ one on the way), and husband of 41 years to Carol Rosebrough.  Walt will be sharing with us some very creative ways that he taught his own children how to manage their money as they were growing up.  He has a wealth of knowledge and we are very fortunate to have him coming to share with us.  Feel free to invite your husband along to hear this one!

December 11th: Make art, not crafts


Emili Uden is a Chicago native with a degree in Early Childhood Education and Special Education. She has been passionate about art since a young age and has taken several art courses including facilitating art experiences for young children. Emili is the Childcare coordinator for Mom2Mom, on the Board of Directors for Kids Discovery Factory, and the Sunday School Director at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Greensburg, IN. Emili’s most rewarding job, however, is being a mother to two wonderful children and a wife to her high school sweet heart and oldest friend.

Join Emili Uden as we explore the benefits of making art at home with your kids. Learn about developmental benefits, art techniques you can try with your whole family, tips on keeping the mess to a minimum, and try 17 different projects- kid free- to build your confidence.

December 4th: Discussing ways to embrace differences with our kids


Becky Rak was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, IL. She studied at Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisconsin and graduated with degrees in Elementary Education and Special Education.

Becky married John Rak in 2004.  They have lived in Illinois, Wisconsin and currently have called Batesville home for the last 3 years. God blessed them with two beautiful children, Lilliana 6 years old and Lincoln 3 years old.

Currently Becky has learned to embrace her job as a stay at home mom.  She cherishes this time she has been given to spend with her children, but looks forward to a season in life in which she will return to the classroom. Becky is fiercely passionate about teaching special needs children. She also feels it is important to education the “others” (non-identified special needs people) in our society about how to understand, accept, and treat people who have special needs, handicaps, disabilities, differences, etc.

We hope that you’ll join us on December 4th as we discuss ways to embrace differences with our children. Becky will be discussing ways to begin and guide the conversation of understanding and accepting people with special needs with our children. Becky will also be sharing examples of literature and movies that can be helpful in discussing these differences with our children.

November 20th: Honoring Christ in your traditions

Kristen Chakranarayan has been married to her college sweetheart, David, for 11 years and is the mama of five beautiful, spirited daughters—Ava, Maya, Jada, Kate, and Camdyn. The Chaks live in St.Leon, Indiana, where David pastors Cross Point Church.

After graduating from Liberty University with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Biblical Studies, she taught preschool for five years and then became a full-time, stay-at-home mom.

Kristen is passionate about encouraging women to embrace their God-given uniqueness– personality, giftedness, experiences, their “story”– and to capitalize on their strengths in order to maximize the impact of their lives, for their families and the “circle” that God has placed around them.

Besides homeschooling her girls and doing exorbitant amounts of laundry, Kristen enjoys “treasure hunting” at yard sales and thrift stores, writing, and soul-stirring conversation with friends. If she had a million dollars, she would hire a private chef and never cook again. Ever.
Ever made it through the hustle and bustle of the holidays, only to look back and wonder if your family completely missed the Reason for the Season? Have you struggled, trying to strike a balance between granting everything on your child’s wish list and trying to teach them that it’s more blessed to give than to receive?  With some intentional planning and willingness to trade the “good” for the “best”, it’s possible to enjoy a rich, guilt-free holiday season that your family will cherish for years to come! Join us for a time of reflection and sharing ideas to help one another create lasting, meaningful traditions that reflect a Christ-centered heritage–not just at Christmas time, but for holidays and celebrations year round!

November 12th 6 pm: Teaching Kids how to deal with their emotions!

IMG_0020Sabrina Andonegui was born in Mexico City and lived in Mexico until moving to Batesville three years ago. She earned a degree in psychology from the Universidad Intercontinental in Mexico City. Sabrina worked in human resources in charge of recruitment, selection and employee development for eight years.

She then spent two years working with toddlers in early childhood development, helping them to enhance their intellectual, social and motor skills. Since moving to Batesville she has stayed at home with her two children, helping them adjust to life in the United States, and developing her fluency in the English language.

She also volunteers as a coach for Girls on the Run and is on the board of directors for Kids Discovery Factory, an emerging children’s museum. Sabrina joined our M2M group a little over 3 years ago when we first started. She has been more than a blessing to our group. Always a positive influence and encourager amongst our group of Moms, she has truly set a great example!

As I sat down with Sabrina a couple of months ago to discuss this topic, I learned her personal story of how she dealt with exploring her own emotions as a child and how it has shaped her to be the woman she is today. Her personal experience birthed a passion to explore and learn more about human emotion and that is why she chose to study this field in her college days.

All of us have emotions, God created us that way! Sabrina wants to share with us how to help our kids identify these incredible emotions and how to use them in a healthy way in their lives. She has gathered so many useful and practical tools to share with us!

This is a special evening event from 6:00 – 8:00 on Thursday, November 12th.  We will be providing a soup and salad dinner during the event, so come relax and enjoy!  There will not be childcare provided for this event.

November 6th: Awareness Day!

Many moms in our community deal with challenges that have arisen with their kids.  As moms, we need to be able to share with each other and lean on one another when these issues come up.  Four of our Moms will be sharing their personal stories about how they identified these issues and how they have learned to cope.  They also want to share with us the importance  of just being “aware” of issues that may arise within our children.  Meet our panel:


Lindsay Belew is a devoted mother of 2 awesome kids who happen to have special needs. She and her husband, Bill, have been raising their kids or “herding their kittens” in Batesville for over 5 years now. Bill and Lindsay met on a blind date 15 years ago…thanks to her best friend! Lindsay’s background in management and health and safety continue to come in very handy as a parent. Managing and nurturing her family is her #1 priority. She is a self- proclaimed holistic/medical research junkie. She also shares a love for historical architecture with Bill. “We are such nerds!” she adds.
Her most recent role as a Parent Advocate for families with children with special needs has been both eye-opening and rewarding.

Emerson (Emme) is Lindsay’s 12 year old daughter. She was diagnosed with moderate O.C.D. over 7 years ago. More importantly, Emme is an incredibly intelligent, observant, artistic young lady. She enjoys contemporary and musical theatre dance as well as sketching and singing and some performance. Her “photographic memory” and “unusually large vocabulary” can be very entertaining at times.

Aidan is Lindsay’s 10 year old son who was born with normal hearing but was diagnosed with moderate/severe hearing loss at age 5 after many requests and concerns from his parents to pediatricians. Aidan wears hearing aids in both ears and has A.D.D. as well as sensory issues,learning/processing challenges and “visual” dyslexia. All of which have significant impact on him in a public school setting. Although Aidan has to work harder than most he is a very intelligent,creative little boy. Aidan is a kind,gentle and patient kid who LOVES roller coasters, tap and hip-hop dance, tennis and will talk your ear off about all of his “future invention” ideas.

Lindsay has spoken on parent panels several times on the topic of “invisible disabilities” (neurological conditions…A.D.D.,O.C.D.,learning disabilities, Autism Spectrum related conditions etc…) Lindsay has found much joy in educating parents on holistic/natural approaches to improving mental functions and over all health. Although she is NOT a doctor she has learned so much from the team of doctors (conventional and naturopathic) that have worked with her children over the years. She is always watching for the “teachable moments” both with kids and adults on the topic of mental health.
Although her days are unpredictable at best, she is very open to sharing and listening to others in need. Sometimes just knowing you are not the only person out there with a kid that “looks normal” but upon closer observation has very “different behaviors”, brings so much peace. Lindsay was motivated to start a support group (along with 3 other like-minded moms) 3 years ago for parents of kids with special needs.


Aimee Negovetich and her husband Ed have been married for 14 years. They have three children: Jake (12), Annie (8), and Jax (5). Aimee attended Indiana University where she received a BA in Pyschology and Sociology, and her graduate certification in Elementary Education. After marriage, Aimee and Ed lived in Indianapolis and Marshfield, Wisconsin. They decided to move back to Aimee’s hometown of Batesville 8 years ago. Their oldest, Jake, was diagnosed with ADHD in the first grade and added anxiety to the diagnosis as a fifth grader. In addition to conventional prescription medication management, Aimee and Ed have pursued dietary modifications, vitamin and herbal supplementation, behavioral therapy, and a less traditional multi-modality program that implements components of both vision therapy and physical therapy.

Aimee enjoys sports, music, outdoor activities, and spending quality time with friends and family.



Laurie Rodgers and her husband John just celebrated 20 years of marriage in September. Together, they have 3 children: Hannah (17), Ben (14) and Sam (12). They also have two dogs and three cats. Laurie has been a stay at home mom since the day Hannah was born. She keeps busy taking care of their house, children, and animals as well as managing and advocating for her two sons illnesses. Ben was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes five years ago and Sam was diagnosed with Celiac Disease eight years ago. The Rodgers family moved from the Milwaukee area four years ago, where John and Laurie both were born and raised. This was the first move for either of them outside of their hometown and it was a little overwhelming, especially given Ben’s recent diagnosis. Laurie is active in her church and also enjoys cooking, volunteering, playing games and music.


Melanie Stauffer is married to her college sweetheart and the mother of 10 year old triplet boys. She grew up in Seattle, WA and San Fransisco, CA before moving to Ohio in high school and attending Miami University where she met her husband in the marching band. She has worked for Hill-Rom for the past 10 years after moving to the area when her husband began teaching music at South Ripley and then at Batesville.

Each of her children, while amazing, keep her on her toes. Ryan has ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorder and was diagnosed in 1st grade. Evan has juvenile arthritis and was diagnosed last June after trying to find out what was wrong with his “franken-finger.” Trey is a Type 1 diabetic and was diagnosed in April 2014. Through each of her children’s issues, Melanie has become an expert at navigating insurance, researching and most importantly, learning to speak up on her kids behalf and making sure that they are not only getting the best treatment they deserve but also knowing when they have gone through enough.