May 15th: Being Mom and dreaming BIG!


Born and raised in rural Indiana, Stephanie always knew there was a great life to be lived. She was blessed to be raised by parents that instilled in her that with hard work you can do anything and giving to others is essential to living a fulfilled life. She was raised to be a Giving Gal!

Since graduating from Taylor University in 1999, Stephanie has been on an amazing adventure. Her dream of being an Indiana State Trooper was shattered in 2000 when she failed firearms at the Indiana State Police Academy. This failure could have led to a path of disappointment and struggles, but she turned this failure into a great success that would eventually lead her to working for a Fortune 500 company.

From 2000 to present Stephanie has been a private investigator, personnel officer for Indiana State Police, Director of Victim Services for Indiana, public speaker, police officer (yes, she finally made her dream come true), owner of Innovative Organizing and Senior Manager for the Grants Strategy Team at Cisco Systems, Inc.

Through every opportunity Stephanie has worked to make a difference. Outside of her professional life she has looked for opportunities to give. In 2011 she took a journey of giving a gift every day for over 500 days. This journey changed her life forever and open her eyes to her passion of helping others.

In 2012, Stephanie became as Certified Life Coach and started coaching people who wanted to go from an ordinary to an extraordinary life. Stephanie works with her clients to accomplish their goals and dreams.

Stephanie serves her community in many capacities from volunteering for 500 Turkeys to being a member of the Women’s Fund and board member for the United Way of Porter County. Stephanie loves being married to her husband Mike of ten years. They enjoy working on home improvement projects, hanging out with friends and traveling.

Stephanie is dedicated to helping you Be Bold. Dream Big. and Bless Others!  You know how we all had those dreams and things we were passionate about when we were young?  Well, then we started having kids and life just got hectic and busy raising those wonderful children and our personal dreams might have been pushed to the side?  Stephanie is going to help us to re-identify those goals/dreams/passions and work with us to create a plan to make it happen!  This will be our final gathering of the semester.  We hope you’ll make time to come join us!!  Please bring your own scissors, old magazines and markers with you for an activity!!

May 1st: Teaching your kids how to deal with their emotions!


Sabrina Andonegui was born in Mexico City and lived in Mexico until moving to Batesville three years ago. She earned a degree in psychology from the Universidad Intercontinental in Mexico City. Sabrina worked in human resources in charge of recruitment, selection and employee development for eight years.

She then spent two years working with toddlers in early childhood development, helping them to enhance their intellectual, social and motor skills. Since moving to Batesville she has stayed at home with her two children, helping them adjust to life in the United States, and developing her fluency in the English language.

She also volunteers as a coach for Girls on the Run and is on the board of directors for Kids Discovery Factory, an emerging children’s museum.  Sabrina joined our M2M group a little over 3 years ago when we first started.  She has been more than a blessing to our group.  Always a positive influence and encourager amongst our group of Moms, she has truly set a great example!

As I sat down with Sabrina a couple of months ago to discuss this topic, I learned her personal story of how she dealt with exploring her own emotions as a child and how it has shaped her to be the woman she is today.  Her personal experience birthed a passion to explore and learn more about human emotion and that is why she chose to study this field in her college days.

All of us have emotions, God created us that way!  Sabrina wants to share with us how to help our kids identify these incredible emotions and how to use them in a healthy way in their lives.  She has gathered so many useful and practical tools to share with us!  Invite your friends!!!

April 17th: Silver Boxes, the gift of encouragement!


A Silver box with a Bow on top will help us understand the importance of “gifting” encouragement toward our families, friends and community. This presentation is an adaption “with a twist” from the book Silver Boxes-The Gift of Encouragement by Florence Littauer. We will review some ideas, techniques, and reminders that will increase our awareness of the power of Encouragement and the results that can occur when “gifting” encouragement doesn’t happen. You won’t want to miss this thought provoking and practical presentation. Come to create your own Silver Box!

Becky Ransome is currently a resident of Batesville. She was born in Stratford Wisconsin, and raised with her parents, 4 sisters and 1 brother on a family dairy farm. She is married with two grown children, a son in law and one grandson. She has lived 9 of the past 15 years in Japan. From this multicultural adventure has come many insightful, practical and humorous experiences that she has woven into a powerful presentation sure to encourage, enhance and energize your daily living. Becky is an animated and passionate speaker whose love for the Lord, her family and others strongly motivates her to purposely seek to empower others. Along with speaking internationally to a few select religious organizations, she has been privileged to present “Armed with Umbrellas” in several different formats and audiences for example: to a Big Brothers and Sisters Chapter, a Nurses Appreciation Breakfast, a Chamber of Commerce event, United Way Kick-OFF event, and others. Becky is also a Licensed Massage Therapist, and doTerra Independent Product Consultant. In her “spare” time sharing adventures with her husband, playing “chase-the-toy” with their two dogs, and an occasional Sudoku challenge fill up her days!


Feb. 20th: “Dare to love your children”


Dick and Sibyl Towner bring over 50 years of combined vocational ministry experience in the areas of church leadership and administration, Christian camping, marriage, children and youth ministry, spiritual direction and life stewardship. Major portions of their ministry experience have been with College Hill Presbyterian Church in Cincinnati and Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago. They are frequently asked to speak and lead workshops for churches and para-church organizations. The fruit of Sibyl’s work in spiritual direction and Dick’s in biblical stewardship can be found at and respectively. Dick and Sibyl have felt called to extended household living and have welcomed over 80 folks to share their home over the 50 years of their marriage. They have 2 sons by birth, one son adopted in love and 11 grandchildren.

Sibyl will be sharing with us about the importance of disciplining our children in love within our households.  She is a great asset to  us as moms in this buys season of life.  If you are like me, there are many times in raising my kids that I feel like “it’s just not working”.  I believe Sibyl will bring some great insight and encouragement to us!

February 6th: Respect with Love!

Are you longing for a stronger marriage? Have you ever felt stuck in a rut with your husband? Sometimes it can feel hopeless and you can feel so alone in your journey through your marriage. We are excited about Sandy Spangler coming to share with us about his own marriage and share hope for yours. Sandy accepted the call to FamilyLife in 1995 with his wife Cheryl, who last March went to be with Jesus after an 18 month battle with cancer. After reporting to his assignment with FamilyLife in 1996, Sandy served in the Conference and Events Department of the ministry, giving leadership to between 7 and 10 conference cities in the areas of volunteer team building and event promotion.

Starting in July of 2003 Sandy assumed responsibility to oversee training and coaching of new FamilyLife missionary staff in the area of Ministry Partner Development. That assignment was extended to include all missionary staff, new and already on assignment, as well in 2007.

Sandy also serves on Cru’s (formally known as Campus Crusade for Christ) MPD Executive Team focused on training and development of mid-career new missionary staff. Sandy and Cheryl have 2 married children, Mathew (Stacy) and Michelle (Josh) and five grandchildren Allea, Kaiden, Koleson, Kendalyn and Kinley.

Before accepting the call to FamilyLife staff Sandy was the owner/operator of an electrical construction company in northeast Ohio for over 15 years.

January 23rd: Fearfully & Wonderfully YOU!


Kristen Chakranarayan is the decade-long wife of her college sweetheart, David, and the mama of five beautiful, crazy, “fearfully and wonderfully made” daughters. The Chaks live in St.Leon, Indiana, where David pastors Cross Point Church.

While her formal education was acquired at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, Kristen considers the past ten years of marriage, motherhood, and ministry to be her richest opportunities for learning and personal growth.

Kristen is passionate about encouraging women to embrace their God-given uniqueness– personality, giftedness, experiences, their “story”– and to capitalize on their strengths in order to maximize the impact of their lives, for their families and the “circle” that God has placed around them.

Besides homeschooling her girls and doing exorbitant amounts of laundry, Kristen enjoys copying other people’s craftiness from Pinterest, “treasure hunting” at yard sales and thrift stores, writing, and soul-stirring conversation with friends. If she had a million dollars, she would hire a private chef and never cook again. Ever.

Meeting other moms and making new friends is one of her favorite things, and she can’t wait to share what is on her heart!  I know you will be blessed to hear from her!

January 9th: “Travel planning for the busy mom”


Tami Riebel is a life-long resident of New Richmond, OH. She and her husband Rich have been married for 37 years and have two adult children, Erin (Derek) and Nathan (Cristin) along with two grandchildren, Levi and Samuel who are the “apple of their eye.”

Tami was 18 years old when she married Rich and 19 years old when she had Erin, so as a stay-at-home wife and mother, she went to the “School of Hard Knocks” where she received her diploma. She learned to make money with sales in Avon, Tupperware, and assisting her husband with his excavation contracting business. She also was a substitute secretary in the local schools, but none of this was her passion. Her passion was to teach the Bible, write and travel. So she was a women’s ministry leader in her church for over 20 years and learned even more about delegating responsibility, business and working with people, who by the way can be very challenging.

In 1997, her daughter was a senior in High School and moving onto college and her son was a freshman in High School. For the first time in life, she was able to think about “What do I want to do when I grow up” instead of “What can I do to assist my family in their dreams”. It’s ok to have your own dreams ladies and in due time, you will receive them if you don’t give up on them. There is a season and time for everything.

With her passion to travel and assist others in their planning of travel, she called a local Travel Agency to see if they needed a clerical assistant. The answer was no, but they would keep her in mind. A few months later, she received the call that they wanted her. She started part time at this travel agency and was trained on the job for sales. After three years of working at this agency and running their office at $7 an hour, she decided to get her own license and insurance and in 2001, started her own business, Bluewater Destinations was birthed.   Then 9 months later, 9/11 happened, which changed the travel industry forever.   A lot of agencies closed or went home based because of the lack of sales.   Tami & Bluewater Destinations survived the travel industry crash and the development of Online Travel Agencies and today she has 7 outside agents who share the same story as Tami, they have a passion for travel, sales and love their career.   Being a Travel Consultant isn’t a dead occupation; people have found out that they don’t have the time for all of the research it takes to plan a vacation, so they are calling the pro’s. And why not, when there is no service fee?

In recent days, her passion and time is divided between selling travel and writing. She just completed writing her first book on her experience with breast cancer in 2013 and is very excited to see this book get published. Not for her own gain, but to bring encouragement and hope to women who are navigating their own way thru this dark, life experience.  We are so thrilled that Tami is coming to talk to us about how to plan an awesome vacation with our families!