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May 13: Everything I Need in Life, I Learned from Noah’s Ark


Join us, Friday, May 13 to hear Deanna Young’s story.

There are 10 things Deanna has identified from Noah’s Ark that we can learn about in every day life, both as Moms and also as Christians. Come join us to learn how to “float a bit”, “travel in pairs”, “plan ahead” and “build our future on higher ground”. Between Deanna and Noah, there are hundreds of years of experiences she will share with you!!

Deanna has been a Christian since she was 10 years old and felt the call to write, speak, and be some kind of a “missionary” when she was a teenager. She received her degree in Journalism and Speech Communications from Ball State University and her paralegal certification a few years later. She has been working as a paralegal since graduating from college.

Little did she know what God was going to do with that degree. She was called into the speaking ministry in 2000 and has been speaking to women’s groups ever since. She writes a devotion several times a week on facebook
and website. Her first book will be published this spring. She is President of Bucket Buddies Mission, Inc. which provides buckets of goodies to children suffering from illness. Her life mission is to make a difference to someone everyday through random acts of kindness.

She has been married to her husband, Roger for 28 years and they have 2 daughters- Kiersten, who is in her 2nd year of a 3-year doctorate program in Physical Therapy and Morgan who will be graduating in May from Ball State with her Public Relations degree. Deanna and her family love to travel and have been to all 50 states.

We look forward to hearing Deanna’s heart and interesting take on the story of Noah’s Ark.

April 29: Not Just a Mom


Darcy Wiley will be joining us on Friday, April 29 to share her story. She is a writer who loves to craft stories and create experiences. She ghostwrites books for other authors, writes creative Bible studies for women and students, and every so often shares hard-earned “aha” moments from the rough and tumble of family life at She has a background in teaching and mentoring, a Bachelor’s Degree in English Studies/Creative Writing, and enjoys working words with her literary agent husband. She loves meeting new people and deepening long-time friendships, and if you’ve talked with her for more than five minutes, she’s probably asked you what your Myers-Briggs Temperament Type is. She, herself, is an INFP, an idealist who feels deeply and carries herself with a mix of melancholy and joy. She highly values authenticity and likes to tell the full story, not glossing over the hard stuff. She calls herself a world-traveler turned stay-at-home mom, but even with her minivan life here in the Midwest, she prefers to approach her days as a tourist, looking for simple joys or poignant moments in the commonplace, like sipping a cup of rooibos tea with the morning sun streaming through the windows, bringing donations to a refugee family and seeing them make a new life for themselves, locking eyes with a stunning red fox in the woods of her town, or getting drenched in a sudden rainstorm with the kids. We can so easily miss the lovely things in the everyday. Darcy keeps her eyes and ears open to God’s gifts and transforming work in the world around her, and preserves those stories for others to use in their own daily lives. We look forward to hearing from Darcy this week and hope to see you all there.



A Motherhood Journey; The Personal Account of a Single, Working Mother

Written By: Joellyn Hartley


The story of my motherhood journey started when I was 24 years old. I had just finished college, enjoying my first job- Nuclear Medicine Technologist at the hospital in Batesville, dating my high school sweetheart, and had just purchased my first home- located down the road from my awesome parents, in my hometown of Connersville. Life was great! Except for the fact that I was extremely exhausted all the time.

My doctor ran several tests trying to figure out what was causing this fatigue. I was shocked the day I got the call with the answer. As soon as I heard my doctor’s voice on the other end; I knew it wasn’t good. He told me I had a tumor in my pituitary gland in my head.

Then came the really bad news-I was told I may never be able to get pregnant. I wasn’t prepared for those words. I had always dreamed of being pregnant one day. It felt as if the wind had been knocked out of me.

Shortly thereafter, I met with a neurosurgeon who explained that surgically removing the tumor could cause me to be sterile afterwards, so I declined the surgery. Fortunately, there were three medicines that could treat this type of tumor, but no guarantees that my tumor would respond to any of them.

The first medicine didn’t work at all, so I was quickly switched to the second one. The tumor did slowly start to respond to this one and I was on it for several years while it tried to stabilize the tumor. During this time, I married my high school sweetheart. He and I had been together since we were 15 years old and we were both on board for adopting if the medicines failed. We were newlyweds and at an age where our friends were all getting pregnant, so I was asked constantly when we were going to jump on the pregnancy bandwagon- which at the time, felt like salt in a wound. And I’m not going to lie; it was difficult to attend all of my friends’ baby showers. I would put on my happy face while I was there (and I was truly happy for them), but I can’t count the times I cried in my car on the way home wondering if I would ever be able to experience the joy that they were.

joellyn-3Even though the medicine was helping to stabilize the tumor, it was far from being stable; so I had to continue with the treatment. Every month (for years) my blood was monitored and my medicine dosage was adjusted accordingly. And every month I anxiously awaited the results, hoping that the medicine provided enough stability that I could try to get pregnant. I never will forget the day my doctor gave me the news I had so longed to hear- “Your blood levels were normal this month!” These words rang like victory bells from my heart. I couldn’t hide my elation as happy tears fell down my face. I needed three consecutive months of normal results before I could be taken off the medicine. If my labs remained normal for one year without medicine, then we could try to get pregnant.


I rushed home to share this fantastic news with my husband. Once he realized this time frame might interfere with some dirt bike races he wanted to attend (which was his passionate hobby), he wasn’t as excited. He thought if I stayed on this positive track, it would be best to postpone trying to conceive for another six to twelve month because there weren’t as many races at that time. By now, I had been battling this for four years and had longed for this window of opportunity and I thought he had too. I had always supported him and his hobby, and I honestly couldn’t believe he wanted to wait. I felt like I had been sucker punched. We didn’t need to discuss it long because my blood levels creeped back up that next month. He and I started marriage counseling shortly thereafter. I realized we were at different stages in our lives and heading in opposite directions. I wanted a baby (either naturally or by adoption) and a husband who was present. I realized he wanted his hobbies more than being a husband- let alone a father. I loved this man dearly. He had been my best friend for the past fourteen years and it was an extremely hard decision for me to end our marriage, but after lots of praying; I felt it was what needed to be done.

So here I was; approaching 30, single, hadn’t been on a date with anyone other than my ex-husband since I was 15, still battling a pituitary tumor, and still wanting a baby so bad I could taste it. So what did I do…I moved to Lake Santee. I needed a new start in a new place. I left Connersville, my friends, my family, my comfort- behind. I was scared and alone. I wasn’t sure if I could ever have a baby, but I was optimistic I could find a good husband- so my search began.

The dating world is a scary place, especially for a 29 year old newcomer. It took me about a year to find the guy I believed was Mr. Right. He was from Dayton, Ohio and I met him while celebrating my 30th birthday in Indy. This had to be a good sign- right? We did the whole long distance dating thing for the next year, then he proposed, and we did a long distance engagement for another year. It was a whirlwind; I had gone from hardly any attention at all from my first husband to being showered with attention from this guy from Dayton. I knew the relationship wasn’t perfect, but I told myself that nothing is perfect. He was ready to get married and have kids, so he met all my criteria at the time.

Shortly after our engagement, my doctor informed me that medicine number two had stopped working. With only one medicine left and a new husband on the way, he suggested I go see an endocrine fertility specialist. This new doctor immediately started me on the last medicine and within a few months it started working. When we returned from our honeymoon, we were given great news! It had been an eight year battle, but I was finally given the opportunity to try to get pregnant! The doctor said that due to my tumor’s history of instability; he didn’t think I would be able to get pregnant naturally, but he would allow a three month window for us to try.

I blew his mind when I showed up pregnant the very next month! I cannot even begin to say how happy I was. It was a very high risk pregnancy so I was monitored very closely, which I was happy about. I thoroughly enjoyed being pregnant and was amazed at every little kick and hiccup my son had while growing inside me. I think when you have to wait so long for something you want so badly; you really appreciate it so much more.


joellyn-4I had an uneventful pregnancy, up until the last two months, when I was put on bed rest because my blood pressure was really high and the baby’s amniotic fluid levels were low. It was a scary time, but luckily I was able to deliver a healthy baby boy!! My prayers were answered- and there had been a lot of them since that diagnosis back when I was 24. I was able to overcome the odds and get pregnant, stay pregnant, and deliver a beautiful baby boy that I adore to this day! When I was told in the delivery room that my uterus had been badly damaged and I would need a hysterectomy, I accepted the news. My dream had finally come true on that wonderful day in May and I knew how fortunate I was to be able to have this one baby!

I wish I could say we lived happily ever after, but that’s not the case. My son’s dad and I divorced three years later. My first divorce was so hard on me emotionally that I thought hell would freeze over before I would ever consider it as an option again- especially since I had the child I had hoped for for so long. I don’t want to get into the ins and outs of what changed my way of thinking. It was a difficult decision that I took a long time weighing and praying about because I knew it would affect my son.


Fortunately, my ex-husband and I are able to get along well now. The issues we had were between us and now that there is no more us; we can focus on parenting our son. I won’t say our arrangement has always been easy, but we try to look at it as a business deal. We have to plan, communicate, compromise, and always do what is in the best interest of the customer- our son.

Since my divorce, I feel more settled and happier than I have ever been. I am free to be me, without any restrictions. And I have a sense of pride knowing that I can stand on my own two feet. Of course, it isn’t easy being a single mom. There are definite challenges. The biggest one for me is trying to find a balance. I am my son’s custodial parent, so I have the responsibility of all the normal working mom duties; plus all the typical “man” duties like mowing the grass, taking care of the trash, shoveling snow (my least favorite), and minor home repairs. Usually all these responsibilities are split between two people, but I have the burden of all of them and it can be exhausting. I sometimes feel guilty because I have so much on my plate and it takes away from one on one time with my son. At 8, it’s hard for him to understand why mom can’t be a 24/7 playmate like his dad is when he is at his house 2 days a week. It’s also very scary knowing that I don’t have a safety net. There is no second income to fall back on if my business fails. That’s a lot of pressure, but I wouldn’t trade it because my son gets to live in a happy home with me and visit his dad in an equally happy environment. It is healthier than all three of us being together in one unhappy house.

My faith has been instrumental in getting me through all the rough patches in my adult life. Anytime I have been at a crossroads, I have prayed for God to guide me and show me the direction I need to take. He hasn’t steered me wrong yet! I feel that everything happens for a reason. I have peace knowing that God has a plan for me and if I keep this faith; the right people, doors, and opportunities will open up for me and guide me on my purposeful path.


My coming to Mom2Mom is a perfect example of this guidance. I had met Melissa Hanley at a golf clinic that both of our boys attended. It took me a while to come to a meeting. My perception was it was for married, stay at home moms of babies. I was none of the above. Luckily, I had an internal nagging sensation telling me I needed to attend a meeting. What I found was a group of welcoming women of all walks of motherhood. Yes, some were married stay at home mothers of babies that I thoroughly enjoyed talking to- but I also talked to working mothers of various fields, retired mothers, mothers of only children- like me, mothers of multiples and everything in between. The one common bond that all the women had was a love for their kid(s). The speaker that day was talking about kids and their emotions. I really enjoyed the presentation, but even more so, was the question and answer period that followed. Someone would ask a question pertaining to kid’s emotions and after the speaker would answer, other moms would offer suggestions too or say what they had tried, what had worked for them, or what hadn’t. The biggest take away I had was there was no judgement. Everyone seemed to truly want to help each other and learn from one another. I knew as a single mom, I could definitely benefit from this supportive group.

Of course I figured this was the reason for the internal nagging I had. Later I realized God had been pushing me into Mom2Mom’s direction for so much more. Stephanie Jones is a life coach and she was speaking at M2M about pursuing your dreams. Once again, I had that internal nagging sensation telling me to attend this meeting. Stephanie asked each of us that day to write out a bucket list with things we wanted to do and/or see someday in life. She challenged us to really dream big and put down things even if we felt they could never happen. It was a fun exercise- who doesn’t love to dream! Then terror set in- she asked us to go around the room and reveal what was on our list. My first thought was… I haven’t even shared these dreams with my close friends; how can I share them with women I barely know? I soon realized I wasn’t the only one terrified of sharing and I saw how supportive the other women were. This gave me the courage to share my dream of writing a book about divorce one day. I also confessed I had actually started on this book. I had never told a soul about it before this day.

There is a charity Stephanie supports. She offered a free life coaching session if we donated to it. That voice inside me was screaming “do it”, so of course I did. I am happy to report that she is still coaching, mentoring, and helping me to this day. She has directed me to listen even closer to this internal voice inside me, which in turn, has brought so much more clarity to all areas of my life.

This clarity allowed me to see that I needed to shift gears slightly. I put my divorce book on hold so I could focus my attention on writing a children’s book- with the help of my son. We just finished it and will be submitting it to publishers in April!! I have no idea if it will ever get published, but the memories and fun my son and I experienced working on this project, will last us both a lifetime. And it wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t listen to that nagging internal voice that led me to Mom2Mom and Stephanie, which in turn, has put me on this new and exciting path in life!


As for the tumor- it’s still there. But the amazing thing is; it has been stabilized since I gave birth. It just shows there were many miracles taking place with the birth of my son!


April 15: Home Decorating

Suzanne Straub

Suzanne Straub will be joining us Friday, April 15 to share her expertise in home decorating. Suzanne is a Cincinnati native but has lived in Southeast Indiana for the past 16 years with her husband and two children. She attended the Central Academy of Commercial Art, Raymond Walters University of Cincinnati Commercial Art Program, and has taken art classes at Art Academy of Cincinnati. Her interior design influence came from being an assistant for 3 years with an interior designer in Batesville. She decided to take a chance and try things out on her own and has been doing what she truly loves for the past 12 years. Suzanne specializes in color and material application, concept development, graphic presentations, and space planning.

Locally, Suzanne has been involved in designing the remodel for the Mayor of Batesville’s office and the Batesville Police Department. She has worked on many projects at the Hillcrest Golf and Country Club, designed the remodel for Children’s Dentistry and painted their murals, worked with the high school drama departments including set and costume design, advertising, hair and make-up design, and designed and produced two after prom events.

It is her hope to help bring the warmth and beauty of artistic design into your home or business! While she is at Mom2Mom, she will be speaking to us about home decorating in general as well as giving design tips for a few rooms of moms in our group that were sent to her prior to her presentation. If you would still like to post pictures of rooms in your home, do so in the events tab under this event on Facebook. Suzanne may still have time to take a look. We look forward to hearing from Suzanne and hope to see you there.

April 1: Are You a ‘Copter Mom?


Dana James will be joining us this Friday, April 1, with some very important questions and an inspiring message. She will be challenging us to look at ourselves as God-fearing mothers and answer a few questions; “Are you a ‘copter’ mom, a ‘free-range’ mom, or somewhere in between?  We are told in 2 Timothy 3; that in the last days there will be very difficult times.  What are you doing now to prepare your children for these very difficult times?  More than likely you are good about protecting your kids, but what about preparing them?”

Dana comes to us with a plethora of experience and expertise. Dana’s heart is to connect women with God’s heart through the teaching of His Word. Her passion is to see women know God and glorify Him through their lives. She has spoken at conferences, retreats and events as far away as Africa and as close as her own hometown. Her teaching is done with authenticity, transparency, and much fun and laughter!

After being a stay-at-home mom, Dana taught in colleges in Texas and Tennessee. She also provided training for businesses and industries in a variety of areas such as leadership, team building, communication, time management, customer service, and computer application software. Currently, she works at Pier 1 where she loves to connect with women from all over the world!

Dana gets excited about meaningful, honest conversation. She loves Dr. Pepper and spending time with her incredible family and friends. She was not raised in a Christian home yet is a pastor’s wife, a pastor’s mother, and a pastor’s mother-in-law…a testament to the grace and mercy of God!

Dana and her husband, Ernie, live in Greenwood, IN where they serve Calvary Baptist Church. We look forward to learning from Dana this week.

March 4: Men’s Panel


We are so excited to have these three men with us this Friday, March 4. They are from varying ages, stages of life, and backgrounds. It is always interesting to hear about parenting, marriage, and life from the perspective of the opposite sex. Please bring your questions as these men are prepared be open, honest, and real with us. Let’s get to know our panel.

Sean Boyce has been married to his beautiful wife, Ashley, a first grade teacher at Batesville Primary School, for six years. They both graduated from NKU. Sean grew up in Southeast Indiana and has lived in Batesville since 2006. He has worked for Young Life, an outreach ministry to disinterested middle and high school kids, for 7 years. He is passionate about Young Life because he has seen kids’ lives transformed, and because it drastically altered the direction of his own life. Sean is an extrovert who loves connecting with new people, drinking too much coffee, and technology. He also enjoys both playing and coaching basketball. We look forward to hearing from Sean and learning about life from the perspective of a young, married man before the stage of fatherhood.

David Chakranarayan was born in Dubai, UAE and moved to the United States at the age of 10. He was saved as a teenager and grew up in a home where both parents were followers of Christ. In high school, he surrendered his life to full-time ministry at a youth conference in Detroit, MI. David is a graduate of Liberty University where he majored in Biblical Studies and has been in ministry since 2004. He served as an associate pastor for three years before following God’s call to plant a church in Indiana. He is an International conference speaker with Answers in Genesis. He is also a Senior Pastor of Cross Point Church in Southeast Indiana. David and Kristen have been married for eleven years and have five daughters named Ava, Maya, Jada, Kate, and Camdyn. David brings a unique perspective to our panel with five young children still under his roof. We look forward to learning from him.

Todd Cook was born in England and grew up in Western Wisconsin. He is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire. While an assistant buyer at Milwaukee Boston Store for 2 years, Todd met his future wife, Roberta Kreuser. For 2 years, Todd served as a professional fire fighter for the city of Milwaukee before joining the US Navy in 1983. Todd was a Naval Aviator for 7 1/2 years and married Roberta in 1985 during final pilot training. During their first 3 years of marriage, Todd was deployed 20 months. For the past 25 years, Todd has been a pilot for Delta Air Lines. Todd and Roberta have three children. Ruth, born in Portland, Maine, is 28 and lives in Park City, Utah, Chelsea, born in Ventura, CA, is 26, and lives in Indianapolis. Wes, born in Milwaukee, is 24 and resides in Bloomington. Todd and Roberta have been married 30 years, have lived in Batesville for over 20 years, and have no intention to leave. There is much to be learned from Todd, our empty nester on the panel.

We hope all of you can join us this Friday to learn from these gentleman and are so thankful they are spending time with us sharing from their experiences.