Fall Schedule

October 13th – “Battling the pressure to be the perfect Mom”   by Dana James

October 25th – – (6:30 pm) our very first m2m “Moms night out” dinner at ‘Lil Charlies!

October 27th – “Mealtime Macgyver” by personal chef, Brandi Myers

November 10th – “Finding the extraordinary within the ordinary life”

by recording artist Sarah McLaughlin

November 17th – Parenting 101 by Shannon Thalls

December 1st – “His needs/Her needs” by Steve & Jeannine McNeil

December 15th – “Creative Escape) a Christmas craft by artist, Kelly Smith


From one Mom to another…

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about this very important role we have as “mom”.  Why is is so hard, why didn’t God give us a few more arms and a few more hours in each day to get everything done?  Why can motherhood be such a lonely place sometimes and then be one of the most rewarding roles the very next second?  Lately, God has been teaching me that I’m not alone!  The nurturing of life is what He has called you and I to!  WOW… just stop and put down your “to-do” list and just think about that for a moment.  And why would He give me three amazing little lives and just expect me to figure it out on my own?  Well, I have good news!!!!! He didn’t and doesn’t intend for me to just figure it out.  God desires for me to walk with Him each day as He encourages and loves on me with each step.  I’ve been reading this amazing book (actually for the second time around) that my precious sister-in-law gave me a couple of years ago.  This jumped out at me this week:  “All women are made in the image of God in that we bring forth life.  We not only birth children but give birth to ideas, to creative expressions, to ministries…we invite others to deeper realms of healing, to deeper walks with God, to deeper intimacy with Jesus” (Captivating by John & Stasi Eldridge).  This, my friends, is why mom2mom exists!!! We will encourage one another and build each other up in our journey of motherhood.  Can’t wait to meet you at our first gathering, October 13th!!!!

Why you don’t want to miss out on M2M…

The passion and purpose of M2M is to reach out to you moms in our Batesville community and surrounding areas.  We want to encourage you in your season of life, meet your needs practically, build you up in your mothering skills and foster healthy relationships in a God-centered environment.  M2M is for mothers of ALL ages and stages.  We will meet twice a month on Thursday mornings from 8:30 – 10:30 am in the fellowship hall of Batesville Baptist Church.  When you arrive at 8:30, you can check in, drop your kids off in our childcare program (free of charge) where they will enjoy interaction, stories, music, snacks, crafts, videos, etc.  We will have a light brunch and a speaker touching on varying topics about our most important role as a mom!  Then, to create more personal connections we have set up discussion groups led by a mentor mom.  These seasoned moms are ready to provide insight and encouragement to you.  These groups give you a chance to get to know each other on a more personal basis.  In addition to our normal gatherings we will offer a Mom’s Night Out once a month where we will grab dinner together or some other fun event together.  You deserve to pamper yourself a bit!!  If you have more questions, please contact Co-Directors:  Melissa Hanley 317-213-4760 mhanley326@gmail.com or Hannah Reid 812-717-0551 hreid23@hotmail.com

We can’t wait to meet you and get to know your heart better!!  It’s going to be a blast!

Don’t miss out on our kick-off week’s speaker, Dana James!

Dana’s heart is to connect women with God’s heart through the teaching of His Word.  Her passion is to see women know God and glorify Him through their lives.  She has spoken at conferences, retreats and events as far away as Africa and as close as her own home town.  She also teaches a women’s Sunday school class and Bible studies through her Church.

In the marketplace, Dana has provided training for businesses and industries in a variety of areas such as leadership, team building, communication, time management, customer service, and computer application software.

She is has been married to her pastor for 36 years and they are the proud parents of Brandon, Nikki and Avery James (ministering in the Dominican Republic) and Ashleigh, Josh, Ella, Jackson and Anne Stegall (ministering in Indiana).  Ernie and Dana currently live in Greenwood, IN and serve Calvary Baptist Church.

We couldn’t be more excited that Dana is able to come speak to us on October 13th.  She will be speaking on “Battling the pressure to be the perfect Mom”.  I know I personally struggle with this as I’m sure all of us Moms do.  You WILL NOT want to miss hearing Dana.  Make sure you invite some friends!!