Food for thought….

Have you ever gone to the grocery store and gotten one of those shopping carts with the wheels that just don’t work right?  Either the wheel is all locked up and refusing to roll…leaving a rubber trail everywhere you go, or it has a wobbly wheel that shakes, rattles, rolls and steers the cart in every direction but the way you should go.

The task of going to the grocery can be a very big one.  You have your list of needs that need to be filled. You have the concern of keeping  balance between nutritional value and financial value. You have to keep your wits about you and not give into the temptations lurking on the shelves that you’re trying to avoid. You have to keep your social graces about you as your child/ren are melting down in the cart, and all the while….the stupid cart you thought you could whip into submission at the beginning of the trip, is making you whisper words under your breath that should never be uttered in the cereal  aisle.

The heavier the cart gets, the less cooperative it gets, the more frustrated I get.   But what do I do?  When the trip is over, rather than stopping by the customer service desk to alert the manager the cart needs some finetuning, some lubrication, some something…I just unload my baggage in my trunk and slam the cart back into the cart corral for the next unsuspecting customer…….usually myself.

If this sounds familiar, if you can totally relate to this story, and have never been to a Mom2Mom meeting…you are missing out.  We mom’s are just like those shopping carts…some of us shiny and new and rollin through life with  2 layers of wd40 paving the way.  Some of us have experienced the weather, we’re a little rusty. We have wheels that make noise and distract us by pulling us in all different directions.  We carry loads of baggage around with us everywhere we go that get heavier and heavier as we push through our days trying to ignore the source of the noise. Some of us are like the wheel that won’t move…..digging our feet  deep into the frustrations of life where we feel we want to run but can’t.

The vision of our Mom2Mom group is to give every mom out there, in all ages and stages, a place to go much like that customer service desk.  A place where you can go and unload your baggage that is weighing you down.  A place to share ideas, prayers, hopes, advice.  A place where your wheels can be lubricated with encouragement, hugs, prayers, and solidarity.  A place where your wheels can be silenced with words of understanding and “I’ve been there.”.  Where your wheels don’t have to rattle and make noise to be heard.  A place where for 2 hours, you get to be you rolling through life without a child jumping on the end of your cart asking for something, making your load even heavier to bear.

The speakers have been phenominal and have given us such insight on taking care of ourselves and our precious treasures…our families.    The purpose of this group is to give mom’s an appointed time set aside for the maintenance of their shopping carts…..if you’re a mom being pulled in all directions, distracted by the noise and the stubbornness of the world, carrying around a load that is to heavy for one person, feeling like you’re the only one in the store that is experiencing frustration….Mom2Mom is for you!   Come and you will learn as I have in my life of riding the rails, that half the reason why our carts aren’t steering correctly is because we are choosing to push the cart ourselves and not letting God direct us.   Motherhood is a huge task, we have several people’s needs to fill, It’s hard to balance it all….don’t get frustrated with it all…come to Mom2Mom and let us share your load.                                        ~Shannon McBeath


5 thoughts on “Food for thought….

  1. Wow, Shannon! You couldn’t have said it any better! I agree. I look forward to the mom2mom meetings to recharge my battery as a mom, wife, friend, and daughter!

  2. Wow, Shannon! What a wonderfully descriptive writer you are! I can’t wait to get back to seeing my Mom2Mom group again soon. What a talented & great group of women you are! I find it inspiring 🙂

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