Behind the Scenes: who you are when no ones looking, Shannon McBeath

What an honor it is to have our own Shannon McBeath speak to us at our next gathering on February 16th!  Shannon has been married to her husband, Shawn McBeath for 14 years.   They have 5 beautiful children who keep them laughing, guessing , and forever on their feet.   Kaleb, who is 11, is the oldest brother to four children whom the family has recently adopted.   Brianna (9), Isabella(6), Gabe (5) and Roxie (4) have lived with the McBeath’s and been a part of their family for the past 3-4 years;2 sibling groups finding their way home at different points.

God has blessed their family richly and has taught them so much about the world he created through these children. Shannon’s passion is now expanding  to share with others how the roles of marriage, years of teaching experience, and motherhood have opened her narrow sighted eyes a bit wider to seeing the raw truths of this world.

When you meet Shannon, you may think she is a bit animated.  In fact, she has left some wondering if her entire skeletal system is made up of funny bones.  She packs as much as she can into a conversation every time you meet….covering everything from children’s antics on through her daily battles of what she calls “playing ping pong with the devil.”  Be warned….she has 5 kids….some of her stories may not be suited for those with weak stomachs or for those with a heart condition.

Some of you are already aware of the event she calls, ”playing ping pong with the devil.”  Those little mishaps, like spilled milk at dinner, bickering kids, barking animals, poopy pants-your out of wipes. You’ve been there. All those little annoyances, that  get served up on a daily basis.  The devil is just standing there waiting for your reaction….your children are watching…it’s your chance to return, do you do so with a smile, or do you pack a punch that sets the ball sailing… straight into the litter box?  The choice is up to you.

Hopefully, you will make the choice to come and hang out with us this week. Shannon promises to serve up some real life drama, as she discusses her matches of playing ping pong with, not the devil; But, herself, during the biggest hardships and struggles of her life…a battle of infertility, the loss of a parent, the worthy opponents she met along the way, and the family she won in the end.

On your journey with her, she will give you a behind the scenes look into her life of who she was while no one was watching.  She will shed light on some of the darkest corners of her heart, through her memories and experiences of heartache.  Then, time after time, she will grab you by the hand, and walk you through all of the ways Jesus met her where she was at, comforted her, and illuminated her heart and mind with his presence.

Time permitting, Shannon will share with you some creative, educational games that you can make at home.  By using objects you already have around the house or that you can find at your neighborhood dollar store.   These games will open your child’s heart to a love of learning and will give you a creative outlet at the same time as meeting your children’s needs.  As a teacher for 8 years, Shannon picked up a ton of really crafty, teaching tools” behind the scenes” and would love more than anything to share these great ideas with you.  Hope to see you there…..this will be one you definitely don’t want to miss out on!


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