M2M Childcare workers ROCK!

We are so blessed to have Grace Yeaton back again for another semester of Mom2Mom!

Clay Yeaton is the younger, but taller, brother of Grace Yeaton. Clay is 14 and is also homeschooled. He enjoys reading old books, hiking, and shooting his rifles. He is very involved in the boy scouts (Troop 620) and especially likes the campouts. His dream is to go West Point when he finishes high school. Though he doesn’t have any younger siblings, Clay is a natural “big brother” to little ones.

” Hi, my name is Sammy Gratz. I graduated from high school this December and this semester will be working in the nursery, babysitting, and taking a few online classes through IUPUI. I love working with kids and have been babysitting ever since 7th grade and can’t wait to start working with the kids here! ”

My name is Jalin Irene, I’m 18 and graduated high school in 2011. I absolutely love working with children of all ages. I enjoy spending my time reading books and writing blogs you can check out my blog at: www.freeofchargejournal.blogspot.com. This past fall I lived in Uganda for 3 ½ months as a missionary where I went into schools, hospitals, a couple villages, and learned a lot about how to live among the people.


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