Captivating…the woman you truly are!

It is with great honor we welcome the very talented, very passionate Melissa Hanley to Mom2Mom this week as our speaker. Melissa is not only one of the co-founders of our Batesville Mom2Mom group, she is also the beautiful wife of Patrick and loving mother of Madison, Jackson, and Mason Hanley. They have been involved in church planting and ministry their entire married life, and Melissa her whole life.
When they moved to Batesville last year, they came with a lot of uncertainty. Uncertainty can’t be found on a map, but we all know where it’s at. It can be a very lonely place, especially when you are new in town, and don’t have a lot of friends. But God, being God, and by that, being the all merciful and gracious king he is,allowed their lives to intersect with several like minded individuals, which ignited several friendships to appear almost seemingly overnight.
The first conversation I ever had with Melissa, I was drawn to her…something more than we were both moms who shared the same interests, hobbies, and hometown. There was something more.. Something just sucked me right in. If you know her, you know exactly what I am talking about.There is something about her that you just don’t find in a person that often. She genuinely wants and longs to know more about you. Her spirit is genuine. Her heart, compassionate. Her mind, inquisitive. The 3 must have ingredients for ” good friend” soup. There is just a quality that exists in her heart and the way she interacts with people that makes you trust her immediately.
The first night we had dinner together as couples, she wanted to know our story. Our love story. How it was that our little family came about. I have since, had several dinners with her and other couples and watched as she has weaseled some pretty amazing, sometimes shockingly embarrasing and desperate love stories out of unprepared couples.
Be with us this Thursday, April 5, as Melissa shares her love story, the captivating love story of the one who first loved her and loved her enough to give her the ultimate gift of love.
All I can say is, I hope you have been doing some aerobic excercises and would advise you to wear a good sports bra…..your heart is definitely going in for a workout this week!!!!  – Shannon McBeath


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