May 17th: Come hear “the Queen of Free” speak, Cherie Lowe!

This is our final M2M gathering for the semester.  We are so excited to have Cherie Lowe come speak to us about money saving tips for busy Moms.

Cherie has long been addicted to getting something for nothing. Since April 08, she has also grown to be addicted to living as simply as possible. She considers herself to be the co-CEO of her family which includes the King of Free, the Eldest Princess (aged 9), and the Youngest princess (almost 4 years old), a job she takes very seriously.

In August of 2008, (after her friends complained of being left off the giant e-mail list that she sent out telling them where to find free underwear, a free glass of tea, or a smashing deal on children’s toys) she began keeping castle in her little corner of the www at the Queen of Free. In a short time, the ‘lil ‘ole blog that could has evolved into something much more – a community of Royal Money Savers, Lords and Ladies on a Money Saving Quest together.

She loves to share great deals, free offers, money saving tips, and ideas of how to live life more simply.  She also chronicles her personal Debt Slaying Quest with over $127K paid OFF ($127,482.30 as of 04/08/12 but who’s counting?  oh yeah, they are!) since April of 2008.  The Lowe’s officially became DEBT FREE on March 28th, 2008.  Yep, and Sallie Mae even owes them $0.32.

Plus from time to time, you might read a quirky post that reveals a little more about who she is and what she wants to be when she grows up someday.

The Queen of Free has been featured several places, among them:

And you can find her at her home away from home – Doing Indy, posting on free and cheap things to do in Indianapolis, Indiana for the Indianapolis Convention and Visitors Association as Indy’s Queen of Free