August 31st: Love & Respect…..Patrick Hanley

Have you ever heard of “the crazy cycle”??  Do you feel like your marriage is on it?  Patrick and I sure were up until about a year ago.  After reading Dr. Emerson Eggrichs’ book, “Love & Respect”, we were able to identify our own crazy cycle and how we were miscommunicating to each other in our marriage.  Patrick will walk us through some highlights of this book (from the guy perspective 🙂 and what we’ve learned about how to make a difference in our marriage in hopes to encourage you in your own marriage.  We truly believe God has a  plan for each marriage to be fulfilling and joyful and this perspective really made a difference for us.

Patrick and I have been married for 11 years.  We have 3 children: Madison (8), Jackson (7) and Mason (3).  Patrick has a degree is applied ministry, has been a youth pastor, church planter and now works for the family business here in Batesville at Pulskamps Flooring Plus.  He is passionate for people and seeing them connect with God’s grace and love.  We hope you’ll come out Friday to hear what he has to say about making the most out of your marriage!


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