October 12th: Ann Potter on Leaving a Legacy!

Leaving a legacy – Oh my!  That might seem like one more pressure item to add to a young mom’s to-do-list!  However, the truth is that God, in His Word, reveals the importance of joy, and love of tradition.  Come and join us on Friday, October 12th, as Ann highlights some intentional ways to meet each day; ready to implement, collect, and live out the joyful experiences of family.  Build traditions that will ultimately reflect your love for God as you pass on His awesome Word to the next generation.  Enjoy living today, prepare for the future, and see the Lord workout His purpose with great enthusiasm in food, family, fellowship, and love.
Ann has been married for over 35 years to her husband Steve.  They have been richly blessed with 3 daughters, gifted 3 incredible son-in-laws, and have 5 grandchildren, with number 6 due on Valentine’s Day!  Ann and Steve currently live in Carmel, IN with Ann’s parent’s in order to help and assist with their health care needs.  Multi- generational living has highlighted a closer view, a purposeful life of overcoming daily challenges and exchanging them for delicious manna to pass on to the future generation of their families

September 28th: Tracy Russell on Gratitude!

Tracy is always on a journey to master something new in the game we all call life.
She believes in continuous learning and applying what has been learned to everyday living.  Her studies aren’t the typical classroom subjects such as math, English, or social studies although she finds those important.
She might be found doing a google search on how to be a woman who encourages others or discovering the different personality types to help better understand the way people tick.  Its never a dull moment in her own private classroom with personal development.
Along with personal development, Tracy has a desire to know her Savior through the word. She spends time in the word and remains accountable by studying with her sisters in Christ at Rising Sun Church of Christ. Her small group recently finished up a “Fruit of the Spirit” study by Beth Moore and is beginning to explore with Kelly Minters “No Other Gods” this fall. She loves Jesus Christ with all her heart, mind, and soul and has a broken heart for the lost. She is a member of the RSCC Outreach ministry team and also started a monthly Wednesday evening fellowship called “Meal & Message” where church members gather for a potluck and hear a message from the word.
Tracy lives in Rising Sun Indiana with her husband Chad of 10 years and their three children Brady, Connor, and Caterina. Tracy is a mom to a child with autism so life can be very different everyday. She works from home with her own home-based business and enjoys dining out and the movies with girlfriends for free (Me) time. Her most recent learning adventure came through having her own business and the “Gratitude Challenge” issued by the CEO. That is right, she is on a journey of learning to live a “Life of Gratitude” and wishes to share her experiences and results with all of us on Friday September 28th during a Mom2Mom session. We will discover practical ways to show gratitude plus seek what God has to say about it.

September 14th: “Captain Hook” by Shannon McBeath

As women, we all have a little hook we use to get things to turn out just the way we like.  A gentle persuasion here, or a mild manipulation there.  We all have a little pirate lurking around inside us, just waiting to jump on the opportunity to jump out and latch onto anything it can sink its hook into.

Sometimes, we are put through several trials all at once.  This time period is called “survival mode”.  During this time, we use our hooks to claw through our day like scavengers.  The hook can be a very useful tool; But, can easily become a very dangerous weapon if over used or abused.    When we are no longer in survival mode, our hooks can become weapons tearing and clawing into every aspect of our life.

Join us for the upcoming Mom2Mom session, when our own Shannon McBeath shares her “inner pirate” testimony. Be there as she shares the lies, betrayal, and deceit that occurred when she let her inner pirate reign over her inner pilot.

Shannon McBeath has been married to her husband Shawn for the past 14 years and they have five children.  Four of whom they adopted out of foster care last year.   They have lived in the Batesville area for the last 6 years and this will be Shannon’s 2nd time speaking at Mom2Mom.   Bring a friend…this one’s gonna be a doozy!