September 14th: “Captain Hook” by Shannon McBeath

As women, we all have a little hook we use to get things to turn out just the way we like.  A gentle persuasion here, or a mild manipulation there.  We all have a little pirate lurking around inside us, just waiting to jump on the opportunity to jump out and latch onto anything it can sink its hook into.

Sometimes, we are put through several trials all at once.  This time period is called “survival mode”.  During this time, we use our hooks to claw through our day like scavengers.  The hook can be a very useful tool; But, can easily become a very dangerous weapon if over used or abused.    When we are no longer in survival mode, our hooks can become weapons tearing and clawing into every aspect of our life.

Join us for the upcoming Mom2Mom session, when our own Shannon McBeath shares her “inner pirate” testimony. Be there as she shares the lies, betrayal, and deceit that occurred when she let her inner pirate reign over her inner pilot.

Shannon McBeath has been married to her husband Shawn for the past 14 years and they have five children.  Four of whom they adopted out of foster care last year.   They have lived in the Batesville area for the last 6 years and this will be Shannon’s 2nd time speaking at Mom2Mom.   Bring a friend…this one’s gonna be a doozy!


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