October 12th: Ann Potter on Leaving a Legacy!

Leaving a legacy – Oh my!  That might seem like one more pressure item to add to a young mom’s to-do-list!  However, the truth is that God, in His Word, reveals the importance of joy, and love of tradition.  Come and join us on Friday, October 12th, as Ann highlights some intentional ways to meet each day; ready to implement, collect, and live out the joyful experiences of family.  Build traditions that will ultimately reflect your love for God as you pass on His awesome Word to the next generation.  Enjoy living today, prepare for the future, and see the Lord workout His purpose with great enthusiasm in food, family, fellowship, and love.
Ann has been married for over 35 years to her husband Steve.  They have been richly blessed with 3 daughters, gifted 3 incredible son-in-laws, and have 5 grandchildren, with number 6 due on Valentine’s Day!  Ann and Steve currently live in Carmel, IN with Ann’s parent’s in order to help and assist with their health care needs.  Multi- generational living has highlighted a closer view, a purposeful life of overcoming daily challenges and exchanging them for delicious manna to pass on to the future generation of their families

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