Dec. 21st: Jami Powell on extreme couponing!


Jami was born and raised in Batesville, Indiana. She has been a registered nurse at MMCH for the past 8 years. She is married to Chris Powell.  They have 4 boys: Ethan is 14, Andrew is 11, Conor is 9, and Jackson is 3. She loves spending time with her family and watching her boys play their football and basketball games. She realized a couple of years ago that she was spending more and more money at the grocery store because growing boys require a lot of food. She took a class offered by a local couponer which gave her a lot of good information to get her started. Jami’s first couponing trip was a success when she came home with 62 boxes of FREE pasta. She was hooked!  Who wants to pay for things when you can get them for free or almost free? This girl. Her stockpile continues to grow but she don’t waste her time clipping coupons for items that they don’t use. Jami now not only uses coupons at the grocery store but just about everywhere she goes. She has a couple of different apps on her phone that are extremely helpful as well. Jami looks forward to sharing with all of us about couponing and how to be a successful couponer.


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