March 15: Becky Hand will talk to us about “Feeding healthy families”!


As a registered dietitian for more than twenty-five years, Becky knows that a sense of humor goes a long way when introducing unfamiliar foods and developing new eating habits. She is passionate about improving the health and wellness of people in her community. Whether it be during her weekly radio talk show, planting seeds at a school’s veggie garden, bringing farm-fresh produce to the local hospital’s cafeteria, or coaching adults and children during their weight-loss adventures. Becky is deeply dedicated to the mission of health improvement and disease prevention.

Becky enjoys the slower pace of her life on the family farm in southern Indiana, where she lives with her husband and son, and she connects weekly with her daughter, who is attending college, also in Indiana. Becky unwinds by digging in the soil of her small vegetable and herb garden, preparing new recipes, sewing, and walking in the woods with her canine companions. She is committed to having her family eat meals together at the kitchen table—it is often the only time to connect and catch up—and eagerly encourages other families to do the same.

I hope you’ll mark this date on your calendar and join us!  I had the opportunity to sit under Becky’s leadership in one of her healthy eating classes through Margaret Mary Community Hospital.  She is such an encourager and really wants to cheer us on as mothers and in our very important task of feeding our families in a healthy way!