Aug. 30th!!! Brandi Myers with “Mealtime McGyver”


Brandi Myers, child of God, wife to the handsome “numbers guy” and Mother of 3 spirited “4 eyed” brown headed bebes. Yes, that sums it up!

I happen to cook. It’s the one thing I know how to do…so I sometimes answer to Chef Brandi, Aunt Bea, Babe… but mostly Momma. And oh do I love that sound!

I began my Personal Chef business, Tomato Tomato 8 years ago. Being a southern girl, healthy eating was NEVER on my radar…unless the “radar” was fried and served with Cajun ranch dip! Since moving to Batesville  in June 2011 I began cooking for families with fragile diets. I so loved the challenge and found such a hunger for wholesome foods that it inspired me like never before!
My goal is to promote Organic, Gluten, GMO free Wholesome foods. I am far from having it all figured out! In fact..I believe in the beauty of flaws, humility, paying it forward, the power of music.. And I BELIEVE in dang good girlfriends! I’m positive  Dairy Queen M&M blizzards are heaven sent, and I carry movie size Junior Mints in my purse. My name is Brandi and I AM a work in progress!

My journey begins again every day.  I am  grateful beyond words and content in Gods plan for my little life, abundantly blessed and hungry for all things beautiful!!

Brandi will be sharing solutions for simplifying our meal times at home incorporating healthy alternatives….”McGyvering our way through recipes”.