October 11th: Battling the pressure to be “perfect” with Dana James


This will be Dana’s third time to speak at our Batesville M2M group!  Dana’s heart is to connect women with God’s heart through the teaching of His Word.  Her passion is to see women know God and glorify Him through their lives.  She speaks at conferences, retreats and events as far away as Africa and as close as her own home town in Greenwood, IN.

She was not raised in a Christian home yet is a pastor’s wife, a pastor’s mother, and a pastor’s mother-in-law…a testament to the grace of God who called her out of generations of ungodliness.  She is a mother and grandmother as well.

When I first heard Dana speak on this topic a couple of years ago, it really pierced my heart.  It made me stop and reflect, look at my life and realize that it’s not all about trying to be “perfect”.  SuperMom is who we all strive to be but that is NOT who we are.  I believe God calls us as Moms to be exactly what our family needs us to be for them.  God gave us a husband/partner to love and serve and beautiful children to love, teach and encourage through this life.  So I challenge you to come this Friday and hear what Dana has to say, you will leave feeling different, I promise:)


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