October 25th: Men’s Panel!


This is our very first time at Mom2Mom having a Men’s panel discussion.  We have collected questions over the past 2 months from you Moms about manhood, fatherhood, being a husband, etc.  We think this will be very interesting as we seek to understand these topics from a mans perspective.  I believe this will help us better understand our husbands/our children’s father!  We have asked 3 men to be a part of this panel, each representing a different stage of life.

First off, representing our “empty nester” stage, is Darin Hawley.  Darin has been married to Kristie for 25 years.  They have lived in Batesville since 1996.  The Hawley’s have two children, Jill and Graham, both going to school at IU in Bloomington.  Darin enjoys skiing and fishing when he can find the time.  He also helps the Batesville HS Drama Club with sets.

Next, representing our “mid-life” stage, is Patrick Hanley.  Patrick has been married to Melissa for 12 years.  They have lived in Batesville since 2011.  The Hanley’s have three children, Madison (9), Jackson (8) and Mason (4), attending Batesville public schools and Ms. Sarah’s Schoolhouse.  Patrick is the Vice President of The Hanley Group, Inc./Pulskamps Flooring Plus.  Patrick enjoys golfing and then more golfing!  He also leads a community group in the Hanley’s home, as he loves to teach.  He loves people, especially making them smile:)

And Last, representing our “firsts” stage, is Seth Bartal.  Seth has been married to Kari for 5 years.  The Bartal’s have one daughter, Madelyn who will be one in December!  Seth is a pastor, author, and speaker who works at Community Church of Batesville.  He spent more than six years as the Pastor of Students at LifePoint Church in Indianapolis where he met his wife, Kari.  The two served on the mission field in Brazil with PIONEERS and World Renewal International for a year and a half before moving to Batesville.  Seth enjoys running, reading, playing guitar, drinking tea and coffee, writing, golfing, and spending quality time with people.

We’ve really been looking forward to this week for awhile, I hope that you’ll be there!!


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