May 2nd: Meal planning for busy families with Tricia Jennewein


It doesn’t matter if you make up half of a dual-income family, are a single mom, stay at home mom tripping over the little ones at your feet, soccer mom juggling schedules for multiple afterschool activities, or feeding teenage boys…it’s ALWAYS a challenge to get dinner on the table and share a meal together.

After 20 years of marriage, from professional career to SAHM, 4 kids, 5 transcontinental moves and living overseas, Tricia has endured all these stages and changes in her role as wife and mom. She will show you the tips and tools she has learned and use for making that hectic time of day a little easier and squeeze in some quality family time to boot.

Tricia will start by demonstrating freezer meal how-to’s, menu planning and grocery lists by department.   She will also tell you about a couple of websites that she personally uses to make all of this even easier. If that’s not enticing enough…she’s arranged for several amazing give-aways of her favorite things!

ANYONE can do this in their own kitchen regardless of family size, where you shop, what food rules you follow and how you choose to feed your family.

Make sure you don’t miss this very practical and helpful talk!



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