September 26th: “Mom-tog”

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These 4 local moms have joined up to share some tips on taking better photos of your families.  Bring your cameras with you to practice the new skills you will learn.  Every mom wants to learn to take great pictures.  These “mom-tographers” are here to help!

Melissa Hanley has always loved taking pictures from a young age.  She began her professional career, Melissa Hanley Photography, in 2006 while she was a stay at home mom.   She then had the opportunity to come on staff with one of Indy’s top wedding photographers’ as she learned the heart of the business.  This job has allowed her to travel to many fun places and meet so many interesting people.  She loves being Patrick’s wife and Maddie, Jack and Mason’s mom.  That is her first love.  Being a photographer allows her to fulfill her passion for people and capturing the happiest of times in their lives.

Jen Saner is a photographer, graphic artist, community volunteer, and mother. After moving to Batesville in 2008 with her family and leaving behind a corporate career, she decided to try her hand at running her own business, Jen Saner Photography.  Since her first pink Le Clic camera in the 1980s, Jen has always had a camera in her hand. Becoming a mother only fueled her passion for photography. She loves documenting favorite moments with her family which include crafting and creating with her two little girls, perfecting their chocolate chip cookie recipe, and camping and exploring in the great outdoors together. Equally important to her are the photos of just simple everyday moments from around their busy home – even the unscripted messy ones. In her opinion, all photographs of family life are special ones to be cherished and she encourages mothers to use whatever camera they have on hand – no matter how simple – to look for the real, honest and beautiful photographs happening around them.  Today Jen specializes in family and wedding photography but also enjoys the challenge of commercial and corporate photography.

Lori Samples story started one night while having one of those frequent warn our mommy moments and her husband encouraged her to get a hobby. She looked at him like he was crazy. Even though she knew he was right, when was she going to have time for a hobby? She had 3 children, was working as a nurse, and was barely staying afloat! At that time, she had a point and shoot camera and had always enjoyed taking pictures but never considered doing any more than that. A few months later, she was asked to take some pictures at a friends’ VERY small private wedding. She loved it! That was the beginning of her new “hobby”. This hobby has been one she can do while the kids are at home and even including her family in it. As she continues to learn and practice, this “hobby” has turned into a SMALL business, Lori Samples Photography. This has been a hobby she don’t feel guilty doing as it has helped preserve so many memories. Lori do not consider herself a professional as she has a lot to learn, but she loves capturing moments that otherwise would be forgotten.

Andrea Gillman has been in the photography business for over 8 years. She has always had a passion for art, so after high school she attended Ball State University to study photography and graphic design. After graduation, Andrea started her career at a local studio. Shortly after her first daughter was born, Andrea and her best friend started their own photography business, Red Aces Photography, specializing in weddings. Andrea moved to Batesville about 8 years ago and married her husband, Curtis. They now have two daughters, Lacey (5) and Lilly (2) who also make good models when she needs to test camera and lighting equipment! 🙂



Sept. 12th: Everything you wanted to know about yoga!


We’ve invited the ladies from b inspired yoga studio to come and teach us about what yoga is and to demonstrate some of the techniques involved.  Make sure that you wear comfortable clothes!

b inspired. yoga studio’s intention is to serve Batesville, Indiana, surrounding communities, and visitors. As each one comes to his/her mat at b inspired., you are met with a joyful and peaceful place to practice.

Lisa Tuveson:
Lisa started practicing yoga 20 years as physical workout; however, after experiencing the amazing benefits of yoga, she now comes to her mat to create a peaceful and calm mind. Lisa received her 200 RYT training at Elemental OM in Cincinnati, completed her ChildLight Yoga Training in April 2014 and is working towards her 500 RYT. Although Lisa enjoys sharing her love of yoga with others, her first passion is that of being a mother to her six children.

Molly Freeland:
Molly was first introduced to yoga 5 years ago and after just a few classes fell in love with the practice. She found that in the midst of a busy life, there is a natural way to find peace and stillness. She enjoys taking long bike rides with her husband, listening to her 3 children laugh and the change of the seasons. She received her 200 RYT training from Urban Body in Ft. Wayne and continues pursuing trainings and workshops to expand and grow her personal practice as well as to share with others.
Lauren Schewe:
In 2008 Lauren completed a 300hr yoga certificate with World Peace Yoga in Cincinnati. While pregnant with her first child, she completed an advanced 500hr TT focusing on Prenatal yoga and Thai Yoga bodywork. Over the years she has attended retreats, workshops and many classes to deepen her connection with God, self and the Oneness of all living sentient creatures. Lauren loves spending time in nature with her children and family. Learning old ways and skills that have been forgotten and sharing her zest for health and vitality with all.

We hope you’ll join us on Friday!