October 10th: You are Captivating!


I (Melissa Hanley) am so excited to be sharing my heart with you this coming Friday morning.   In the heart of every woman is the longing for a fairytale.  We want to be the beauty in a great story!  These longings are what God has written deep in your heart and they are telling you something essential about what it means to be a woman and the life that He meant for you to live.

Now we know, many of those desires have gone unmet, have been assaulted or simply gone neglected so that most women end up living two lives.  On the surface we are busy and efficient, professional even.  We are getting by.  On the inside women lose themselves over to food or some other addiction to numb the ache of our hearts.  But your heart is still there, crying out to be set free, to find the life your hearts desires tell you of.

I am going to share with you about my journey of living the truth and knowing that I’m captivating to someone great and how to live out this fairytale with Him!


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