January 23rd: Fearfully & Wonderfully YOU!


Kristen Chakranarayan is the decade-long wife of her college sweetheart, David, and the mama of five beautiful, crazy, “fearfully and wonderfully made” daughters. The Chaks live in St.Leon, Indiana, where David pastors Cross Point Church.

While her formal education was acquired at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, Kristen considers the past ten years of marriage, motherhood, and ministry to be her richest opportunities for learning and personal growth.

Kristen is passionate about encouraging women to embrace their God-given uniqueness– personality, giftedness, experiences, their “story”– and to capitalize on their strengths in order to maximize the impact of their lives, for their families and the “circle” that God has placed around them.

Besides homeschooling her girls and doing exorbitant amounts of laundry, Kristen enjoys copying other people’s craftiness from Pinterest, “treasure hunting” at yard sales and thrift stores, writing, and soul-stirring conversation with friends. If she had a million dollars, she would hire a private chef and never cook again. Ever.

Meeting other moms and making new friends is one of her favorite things, and she can’t wait to share what is on her heart!  I know you will be blessed to hear from her!


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