Feb. 20th: “Dare to love your children”


Dick and Sibyl Towner bring over 50 years of combined vocational ministry experience in the areas of church leadership and administration, Christian camping, marriage, children and youth ministry, spiritual direction and life stewardship. Major portions of their ministry experience have been with College Hill Presbyterian Church in Cincinnati and Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago. They are frequently asked to speak and lead workshops for churches and para-church organizations. The fruit of Sibyl’s work in spiritual direction and Dick’s in biblical stewardship can be found at www.OneLifeMaps.com and www.GoodSenseMovement.org respectively. Dick and Sibyl have felt called to extended household living and have welcomed over 80 folks to share their home over the 50 years of their marriage. They have 2 sons by birth, one son adopted in love and 11 grandchildren.

Sibyl will be sharing with us about the importance of disciplining our children in love within our households.  She is a great asset to  us as moms in this buys season of life.  If you are like me, there are many times in raising my kids that I feel like “it’s just not working”.  I believe Sibyl will bring some great insight and encouragement to us!


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