May 15th: Being Mom and dreaming BIG!


Born and raised in rural Indiana, Stephanie always knew there was a great life to be lived. She was blessed to be raised by parents that instilled in her that with hard work you can do anything and giving to others is essential to living a fulfilled life. She was raised to be a Giving Gal!

Since graduating from Taylor University in 1999, Stephanie has been on an amazing adventure. Her dream of being an Indiana State Trooper was shattered in 2000 when she failed firearms at the Indiana State Police Academy. This failure could have led to a path of disappointment and struggles, but she turned this failure into a great success that would eventually lead her to working for a Fortune 500 company.

From 2000 to present Stephanie has been a private investigator, personnel officer for Indiana State Police, Director of Victim Services for Indiana, public speaker, police officer (yes, she finally made her dream come true), owner of Innovative Organizing and Senior Manager for the Grants Strategy Team at Cisco Systems, Inc.

Through every opportunity Stephanie has worked to make a difference. Outside of her professional life she has looked for opportunities to give. In 2011 she took a journey of giving a gift every day for over 500 days. This journey changed her life forever and open her eyes to her passion of helping others.

In 2012, Stephanie became as Certified Life Coach and started coaching people who wanted to go from an ordinary to an extraordinary life. Stephanie works with her clients to accomplish their goals and dreams.

Stephanie serves her community in many capacities from volunteering for 500 Turkeys to being a member of the Women’s Fund and board member for the United Way of Porter County. Stephanie loves being married to her husband Mike of ten years. They enjoy working on home improvement projects, hanging out with friends and traveling.

Stephanie is dedicated to helping you Be Bold. Dream Big. and Bless Others!  You know how we all had those dreams and things we were passionate about when we were young?  Well, then we started having kids and life just got hectic and busy raising those wonderful children and our personal dreams might have been pushed to the side?  Stephanie is going to help us to re-identify those goals/dreams/passions and work with us to create a plan to make it happen!  This will be our final gathering of the semester.  We hope you’ll make time to come join us!!  Please bring your own scissors, old magazines and markers with you for an activity!!