September 25th: Pantry & Closet Organization


Stephanie L. Jones, a professional organizer, Accredited Staging
Professional (ASP) and Certified Coach has been the owner of Innovative
Organizing for the past nine years and now owns Giving Gal, LLC.  She works full time for Cisco Systems and has been a successful professional due to her focus on organization, planning and time management skills.

Stephanie has been organizing spaces since she was five years old. She had a
dream to start her own business and to do something she truly loves. She has
always had a passion for making spaces look great and loves the challenge
that comes along with each organizing project.

Stephanie is actively involved in her community and
and will be sharing her giving journey in a book launching in 2016.  She is a
board member for the United Way of Porter County, Porter County Community Foundation and a member of the Women’s Impact Fund of Porter County. Stephanie lives in NW IN with her husband, an Indiana State Trooper.

Stephanie will walk you step by step through the process to organize your pantry and closets. These two areas are sometimes the quickest and easiest areas to organize in your home. Taking the time to organize your pantry and closets can lead to a decrease in stress and save you time and money.

This will be Stephanie’s third time with us at Mom2Mom.  Be sure to check out our Facebook page the next two weeks as she will be helping us out with an “Ask the Organizer” post.  You can post pictures to our page with questions and she will answer back!  See you on the 25th!

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