March 4: Men’s Panel


We are so excited to have these three men with us this Friday, March 4. They are from varying ages, stages of life, and backgrounds. It is always interesting to hear about parenting, marriage, and life from the perspective of the opposite sex. Please bring your questions as these men are prepared be open, honest, and real with us. Let’s get to know our panel.

Sean Boyce has been married to his beautiful wife, Ashley, a first grade teacher at Batesville Primary School, for six years. They both graduated from NKU. Sean grew up in Southeast Indiana and has lived in Batesville since 2006. He has worked for Young Life, an outreach ministry to disinterested middle and high school kids, for 7 years. He is passionate about Young Life because he has seen kids’ lives transformed, and because it drastically altered the direction of his own life. Sean is an extrovert who loves connecting with new people, drinking too much coffee, and technology. He also enjoys both playing and coaching basketball. We look forward to hearing from Sean and learning about life from the perspective of a young, married man before the stage of fatherhood.

David Chakranarayan was born in Dubai, UAE and moved to the United States at the age of 10. He was saved as a teenager and grew up in a home where both parents were followers of Christ. In high school, he surrendered his life to full-time ministry at a youth conference in Detroit, MI. David is a graduate of Liberty University where he majored in Biblical Studies and has been in ministry since 2004. He served as an associate pastor for three years before following God’s call to plant a church in Indiana. He is an International conference speaker with Answers in Genesis. He is also a Senior Pastor of Cross Point Church in Southeast Indiana. David and Kristen have been married for eleven years and have five daughters named Ava, Maya, Jada, Kate, and Camdyn. David brings a unique perspective to our panel with five young children still under his roof. We look forward to learning from him.

Todd Cook was born in England and grew up in Western Wisconsin. He is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire. While an assistant buyer at Milwaukee Boston Store for 2 years, Todd met his future wife, Roberta Kreuser. For 2 years, Todd served as a professional fire fighter for the city of Milwaukee before joining the US Navy in 1983. Todd was a Naval Aviator for 7 1/2 years and married Roberta in 1985 during final pilot training. During their first 3 years of marriage, Todd was deployed 20 months. For the past 25 years, Todd has been a pilot for Delta Air Lines. Todd and Roberta have three children. Ruth, born in Portland, Maine, is 28 and lives in Park City, Utah, Chelsea, born in Ventura, CA, is 26, and lives in Indianapolis. Wes, born in Milwaukee, is 24 and resides in Bloomington. Todd and Roberta have been married 30 years, have lived in Batesville for over 20 years, and have no intention to leave. There is much to be learned from Todd, our empty nester on the panel.

We hope all of you can join us this Friday to learn from these gentleman and are so thankful they are spending time with us sharing from their experiences.



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