April 29: Not Just a Mom


Darcy Wiley will be joining us on Friday, April 29 to share her story. She is a writer who loves to craft stories and create experiences. She ghostwrites books for other authors, writes creative Bible studies for women and students, and every so often shares hard-earned “aha” moments from the rough and tumble of family life at http://DarcyWiley.com. She has a background in teaching and mentoring, a Bachelor’s Degree in English Studies/Creative Writing, and enjoys working words with her literary agent husband. She loves meeting new people and deepening long-time friendships, and if you’ve talked with her for more than five minutes, she’s probably asked you what your Myers-Briggs Temperament Type is. She, herself, is an INFP, an idealist who feels deeply and carries herself with a mix of melancholy and joy. She highly values authenticity and likes to tell the full story, not glossing over the hard stuff. She calls herself a world-traveler turned stay-at-home mom, but even with her minivan life here in the Midwest, she prefers to approach her days as a tourist, looking for simple joys or poignant moments in the commonplace, like sipping a cup of rooibos tea with the morning sun streaming through the windows, bringing donations to a refugee family and seeing them make a new life for themselves, locking eyes with a stunning red fox in the woods of her town, or getting drenched in a sudden rainstorm with the kids. We can so easily miss the lovely things in the everyday. Darcy keeps her eyes and ears open to God’s gifts and transforming work in the world around her, and preserves those stories for others to use in their own daily lives. We look forward to hearing from Darcy this week and hope to see you all there.




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